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Guaranteed Entry into Medicine.

By completing the UMAT High Achiever Program, students are guaranteed entry into post-graduate Medicine.

The ultimate UMAT Preparation.

METC Institute UMAT preparation courses are written specifically to suit the UMAT exam. All courses are certified by the METC Institute Academic Faculty.

Important Information for Year 12 & UMAT students

2017 UMAT Scores, ATAR & Interview Information Available Here

METC Institute UMAT & Year 12 Preparation.

Year 12 only comes once. The METC Institute thus aims to provide Year 12 and UMAT students with the most comprehensive preparation possible. Educational faculty members of the METC Institute have experience at successfully graduating both undergraduate and graduate students into the countries best medical schools such as the University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, and University of Queensland.

The METC Institute provides UMAT and Year 12 candidates with an unmatched advantage via distinct preparation courses and packages for both the UMAT, and the national Year 12 curriculum. These courses and programs aim to maximise student ATAR and UMAT scores giving students the best opportunity of entry into Undergraduate Medicine.

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UMAT & Year 12

Purpose of UMAT.

The Undergraduate Medical Admissions Test (UMAT) is an exam created to select students for entry into Undergraduate Medicine, Dentistry and other Health Science degrees. UMAT is designed to examine general attributes and abilities gained through prior experience and learning.

The purpose of the exam is to select students who possess the following qualities deemed necessary in the aforementioned areas of study:

  • Data analysis and interpretation of relationships
  • Comprehension in human interactions, and social dynamics
  • Critical thinking, and logical reasoning
  • Pattern recognition and organisation of information

Unlike many other medical admissions test, the exam does not directly test the natural sciences, but relies on application of skills necessary in the practice of Medicine. Therefore, students can prepare for GAMSAT by developing strategies which address the above disciplines, and practicing these strategies.

About UMAT.

The UMAT is a multiple-choice examination administered by the Australian Council of Education and Research (ACER).

The exam consists of 3 hours of testing time and contains 134 questions in the following areas:

Section I: Logical Reasoning & Problem Solving
Section II: Understanding People
Section III: Non-verbal Reasoning

Students are eligible to sit UMAT if they have finished, or are completing the final year of their secondary schooling. The exam is held in late July of each year, and results are usually released in late September informing Year 12 students of their relative competitiveness to enter Undergraduate Medicine the following year.

Candidates must apply for positions in Undergraduate Medicine separately from sitting the UMAT. Information about university applications can be found on the ACER website.

Performing in Year 12.

Performance throughout the Year 12 academic year is an essential component of a competitive application to Undergraduate Medicine.

An Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR)/OP score of at least 99 is required to enter Medicine directly from high school. Realising that students cannot afford to rely on UMAT performance alone, the METC Institute offers assistance in maximising each Year 12 student’s ATAR/OP score.

By participating in the Year 12 High Achiever Program, students ensure they are receiving every possible advantage as they strive to enter Undergraduate Medicine. The Year 12 High Achiever Program offers comprehensive tuition of Year 12 science subjects thus enabling students to outperform their peers, and providing a head start on commencement of Medicine.

An Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR)/OP score of at least 99 is required to enter Medicine directly from high school.

Excellence in International Medical Education

By Doctors

The METC Institute is operated by doctors, for doctors/future doctors. Each and every course is designed by medical professionals including Professors, Medical Directors, and practicing Consultants.

Established Performance

The effectiveness of preparation METC educational services is outlined in the success of previous METC Institute cohorts. In addition, all METC Institute tutors and lecturers are carefully selected and score-qualified.

Comprehensive Preparation

All programs offered by the METC Institute involve in-depth, comprehensive preparation and are suitable for students wishing to perform at the highest level.

Continuous Professional Development

The METC Institute guides students and medical professionals through every stage of their career from pre-Medicine through to specialist level training and beyond.

‘A great day. Very very useful, learnt heaps of really really constructive things and I now feel much more prepared for my interviews. There is still definitely lots of work to do, but now I know exactly what I should be practicing. Matt was great, really approachable and helpful.’

GAMSAT Live Interview Course
Brisbane 2017

‘Very helpful to do both interviewing and being the interviewer. Well thought out course with great resources and very nice location :)’

GAMSAT Live Interview Course
Brisbane 2017

‘Amazing practice interviews which helped a lot with understanding how to address practice scenarios and questions in the real interview.’

GAMSAT Live Interview Course
Sydney 2017

‘I just wish to say thank you to the speakers at the Melbourne course this year, they provided me with invaluable feedback and information which helped me get offered a place for medicine in 2018.’

GAMSAT Live Interview Course
Melbourne 2017

Kane Harvey (Deakin University MBBS student)

‘10/10 for money well spent. The combination of the online learning package with the practical component was a great help for me in my actual interview. I was able to practice with peers and receive constructive that I blended into my preparation. I went into my interview with confidence and received my 1st preference. Professional and knowledgeable, would highly recommend. Thank you Mat Hinksman and the METC Institute team.’

GAMSAT Live Interview Course
Perth 2017

Douglas Brazil (University of Notre Dame MD student)

‘From the Saturday course I know of at least four other students who got offers. This list only refers to those students I know of who got their 1st preference at ND.’

GAMSAT Live Interview Course
Melbourne 2017

‘I thought I’d get in touch and tell you some good news, I have been offered a place in both of my first preferences for medicine and dentistry. As you can imagine, I am thrilled!
I just wanted to thank you for all of your support through the nightmarish process of GAMSAT. You are a very engaging teacher and an inspiration.’

GAMSAT High Achiever Program

‘Great Course! Will recommend to all my friends. Loved the practice MMI, and the opportunity to gain a lot of personal feedback. I was not previously aware of how the interview was scored, so this is very useful.’

Medicine Interview Course
Perth 2016

‘International fraternity added significant insight into surgical technique. The live cases were excellent in applying this learning. Highly recommended.’

Innovations in Haemorrhoid Surgery Course
Brisbane 2016

‘Being in live theatre was excellent. The AM sessions were great for learning about the various techniques, and the afternoon live cases were brilliant. Observing in the OR with the surgical team was definitely the highlight.’

VAAFT & EPSiT Surgical Skills Course
Brisbane 2016