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Year 12 & High School Tutoring courses

In order to achieve maximum performance in Year 12, students must take a comprehensive approach to all subjects. With this in mind, the METC Institute has designed high school tutoring courses and packages. The courses and packages cover the key sciences.

Individual science tutoring courses

Firstly, students and parents may decide to enrol in a single year 12 tutoring course for either Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. These courses are most suitable for students completing only one of the sciences in year 12, or for those who only require assistance in one are. Note that these courses are also available to Year 11 students.

Combined Year 12 science tuition

Alternatively, students and parents may wish to enrol in more than one high school tutoring course. In this case, it is recommended that students enrol in the Year 12 Science Tutor high school tutoring program. The Program is designed to prepare students for maximum performance in their ATAR. Additionally, the Year 12 Science Tutor program also prepares students for university science studies.

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