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  • UCAT Tutoring – UCAT High Achiever Program

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    The UCAT High Achiever Program is a personalised program offering UCAT candidates intensive UCAT preparation along with a medical interview preparation.  The Program is not simply a UCAT preparation program – it offers students a complete solution to all of the hurdles faced in entering undergraduate medical, dental, and clinical science programs. Each UCAT High Achiever is paired with a personal UCAT tutor who guides the student through their exam preparation, medical school application, and medical school interview. The Program is the undergraduate extension of the family of METC Institute High Achiever Programs offered to promising students currently in medical and post-graduate medical specialist training programs.

    Candidates enrolled in the UCAT High Achiever Program receive the following:

    • Enrolment into the five specialised UCAT workshops
    • Five two-hour formal personal UCAT tutorials
    • Unlimited informal personal tuition
    • Medical interview preparation

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  • UCAT Preparation Comprehensive Program (UCAT200)

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    The UCAT Preparation Comprehensive Program is a formal UCAT preparation program which combines all METC Institute UCAT workshops in order to maximise candidate performance in the UCAT. The program consists of five UCAT workshops (total of 10hrs) each corresponding to a specific section of the UCAT exam.

    By enrolling in the UCAT Comprehensive Program, candidates learn advanced skills in verbal reasoning, decision making, quantitative reasoning, abstract reasoning, and situational judgement. Workshops are delivered via the METC Institute online classroom by a member of the METC Institute Academic Faculty.

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