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  • year 12 physics tutor

    Year 12 Physics Tutor Course

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    Year 12 students often choose to study physics for its high-yield in the ATAR, and for the subject’s potential relevance to their higher degree. Corresponding with the potentially high academic yield is the difficulty of the subject. Physics is challenging.

    As a result, the METC Institute aims to help year 12 physics students achieve their potential by offering personal physics tutoring. Through a combination of online theory, excercise-based modules and a specialist physics tutor, students enrolled in this course are given the ideal tools for maximising their physics score.

  • Year 12 chemistry tutor

    Year 12 Chemistry Tutor Course

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    To score well in Year 12 chemistry, students need to work hard at developing an intuitive understanding of the subject. Given the challenge represented by the course, working with a chemistry tutor can be helpful. With the assistance of a tutor, students can often improve their performance dramatically.

    In order to help students improve their ATAR, the METC Institute developed the Year 12 Chemistry Course. In essence, the Course combines both meticulous coursework and live tutoring to afford students an edge over their peers and the advantage when it comes to university admissions.

  • Year 12 biology tutor

    Year 12 Biology Tutor Course

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    The Year 12 Biology Tutor Course is a comprehensive secondary school biology tuition course.

    The Course provides students with detailed insight into the biological theory that is examined in the Year 12 biology syllabus. The aim of the Course is to maximise student scores in their biology course studies, and to provide them with a competitive advantage when applying for tertiary study.

    The Year 12 Biology Tutor Course is delivered online via 40 comprehensive modules. The modules are followed up with personal tuition sessions and online support with medical specialists of the METC Institute. Students completing the Course will not only excel in their ATAR, but will also possess a strong foundation for commencing their higher degree.

  • Science tutor and high school tutoring

    Year 12 Science Tutor Program

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    The Year 12 Science Tutor Program is a comprehensive secondary school science tuition program.

    The Program provides Year 11 and Year 12 students with a competitive advantage in their high school examinations. The aim of the Program is to help students achieve an ATAR of 99.00+, and easy entry into the higher degree of their choice.

    The Year 12 Science Tutor Program aims are achieved over 120 modules and many hours of personal tuition. Through completion of this program, students ensure their performance in secondary school is maximised.

  • Year 12 & UMAT High Achiver Program - Guaranteed Med Entry

    Year 12 & UMAT High Achiever Program – Guaranteed Med Entry

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    The Year 12 & UMAT High Achiever Program is a pre-medical course developed to maximise the Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) and to enhance performance in all sections of the UMAT exam and the Undergraduate Medical School Interview.  The course has been designed by the METC Institute Academic Faculty, and allows students the opportunity to leverage the knowledge and insights of experts in the field of medical education.