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  • GAMSAT Tutoring – The High Achiever Program

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    The GAMSAT High Achiever Program is by qualification only and is without exception the most comprehensive and powerful GAMSAT preparation program available today. Candidates are so thoroughly prepared that the METC Institute is able to offer the High Achiever Guarantee of acceptance into medicine.

    Candidates prepare for GAMSAT with a personal GAMSAT tutor and work through intensive live online lectures, tutorials, and exams, preparing them comprehensively for Sections I, II, and III of the exam.

    The success of this course is evident in the performance of its previous students.  In previous cohorts, all students who completed all aspects of the program have achieved a GAMSAT score high enough for acceptance into medicine. Of the cohorts, most have been able to achieve scores high enough to enter Medicine at the most competitive universities such as the University of Queensland or the University of Sydney.

    Applications are accepted year-round, and the program can be commenced at any stage. Note that an application and interview must be completed by candidates prior to formal admission.

    Apply today by completing the High Achiever Program Application Form or enquire now to speak with one of the Program academics.

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