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Essentials for Working as a Doctor in Australia (GP100)

Working as a doctor in Australia: What you need to know.

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What you need to know about Australian Medical Practice

Essentials for Orientation to Australian Medical Practice (GP101).

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General Practice Experience Pathway Registrar Training Program

Secure a GP job in Australia as an IMG doctor

General Practice Experience Pathway Registrar Training Program.

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METC Institute Department of General Practice

The IMG General Practice department is responsible for furthering the careers of IMG doctors seeking to work in general practice in Australia.

There are courses and programs suitable for IMG doctors embarking on their career as a GP along with highly experienced international general practitioners. Through the department's courses and programs, candidates are provided with the knowledge, experience, and guidance to successfully gain Australian registration.

The IMG general practice programs are innovative via their provision of clinical experience along with salaried positions and - in some instances - guaranteed employment. In addition, the IMG general practice department programs are supported by an experienced GP faculty.

The general practice division of the METC Institute is a specialist clinical academic unit responsible for the further development of general practice in Australia. The division provides support to current and future general practitioners in the areas of career development, clinical skills, and administration and business development.