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New CR100 GAMSAT Essentials.

The GAMSAT Essentials Course is a short course aimed at students who are beginning their studies for GAMSAT, or for those who are lost in the exam content or how to study for the exam.

Score 70+ in Section III of GAMSAT.

Science Preparation Course January 2018 enrolment now open. Available online and in all major Australian cities.

This February – GAMSAT Practice Test Live & Online Course (CR103)

The CR103 course includes a number of GAMSAT practice questions, strategies, and additionally an exam. Consequently, it is a pre-medical subject suitable for all students intending to pursue a career in Medicine.

METC Institute GAMSAT Preparation.

The METC Institute provides industry-leading GAMSAT preparation courses to Australian, and international students. METC Institute GAMSAT courses emphasise thorough knowledge and understanding of humanities, essay writing, and the sciences along with strategies and practice applying this knowledge.

Much like post-graduate Medicine, courses are delivered via multiple media. Depending on your program of choice, courses comprise interactive online modules and exams, live and recorded lectures, and personal tuition. Students can choose between stand-alone courses, or packages & programs which aggregate multiple courses.

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Excellence in International Medical Education

By Doctors

The METC Institute is operated by doctors, for doctors/future doctors. Each and every course is designed by medical professionals including Professors, Medical Directors, and practicing Consultants.

Established Performance

The effectiveness of preparation METC educational services is outlined in the success of previous METC Institute cohorts. In addition, all METC Institute tutors and lecturers are carefully selected and score-qualified.

Comprehensive Preparation

All programs offered by the METC Institute involve in-depth, comprehensive preparation and are suitable for students wishing to perform at the highest level.

Continuous Professional Development

The METC Institute guides students and medical professionals through every stage of their career from pre-Medicine through to specialist level training and beyond.

‘A great day. Very very useful, learnt heaps of really really constructive things and I now feel much more prepared for my interviews. There is still definitely lots of work to do, but now I know exactly what I should be practicing. Matt was great, really approachable and helpful.’

GAMSAT Live Interview Course
Brisbane 2017

‘Very helpful to do both interviewing and being the interviewer. Well thought out course with great resources and very nice location :)’

GAMSAT Live Interview Course
Brisbane 2017

‘Amazing practice interviews which helped a lot with understanding how to address practice scenarios and questions in the real interview.’

GAMSAT Live Interview Course
Sydney 2017

‘I just wish to say thank you to the speakers at the Melbourne course this year, they provided me with invaluable feedback and information which helped me get offered a place for medicine in 2018.’

GAMSAT Live Interview Course
Melbourne 2017

Kane Harvey (Deakin University MBBS student)

‘10/10 for money well spent. The combination of the online learning package with the practical component was a great help for me in my actual interview. I was able to practice with peers and receive constructive that I blended into my preparation. I went into my interview with confidence and received my 1st preference. Professional and knowledgeable, would highly recommend. Thank you Mat Hinksman and the METC Institute team.’

GAMSAT Live Interview Course
Perth 2017

Douglas Brazil (University of Notre Dame MD student)

‘From the Saturday course I know of at least four other students who got offers. This list only refers to those students I know of who got their 1st preference at ND.’

GAMSAT Live Interview Course
Melbourne 2017

‘I thought I’d get in touch and tell you some good news, I have been offered a place in both of my first preferences for medicine and dentistry. As you can imagine, I am thrilled!
I just wanted to thank you for all of your support through the nightmarish process of GAMSAT. You are a very engaging teacher and an inspiration.’

GAMSAT High Achiever Program

‘Great Course! Will recommend to all my friends. Loved the practice MMI, and the opportunity to gain a lot of personal feedback. I was not previously aware of how the interview was scored, so this is very useful.’

Medicine Interview Course
Perth 2016

‘International fraternity added significant insight into surgical technique. The live cases were excellent in applying this learning. Highly recommended.’

Innovations in Haemorrhoid Surgery Course
Brisbane 2016

‘Being in live theatre was excellent. The AM sessions were great for learning about the various techniques, and the afternoon live cases were brilliant. Observing in the OR with the surgical team was definitely the highlight.’

VAAFT & EPSiT Surgical Skills Course
Brisbane 2016

GAMSAT Preparation

Improve your GAMSAT score by 23 percentile points.

Students enrol in GAMSAT preparation courses to learn the knowledge required to perform in GAMSAT, and to develop their ability to apply that knowledge in the context of complex application of critical thinking.

METC Institute GAMSAT preparation courses enable the development of intuitive understanding of the concepts required to excel in all sections of GAMSAT and additionally, emphasise critical-thinking and a focus on application of knowledge.

On average, students who completed a METC Institute GAMSAT course and sat the 2017 GAMSAT demonstrated the following improvements:

Section 1: Score improvement of 21 percentile points
Section 2: Score improvement of 24 percentile points
Section 3: Score improvement of 22 percentile points

This means that students who commenced a METC Institute preparation course with a 55 were on average able to improve to a 60, and those with a 60 were able to improve to 65+.

Browse our GAMSAT preparation courses  to find out more about improving your score and access free GAMSAT resources.

GAMSAT preparation score curve



GAMSAT is divided into three sections designed to assess performance in the areas of:

I Reasoning in Humanities and Social Sciences
II Written Communication
III Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences

The GAMSAT test is offered twice a year, in March and September. The GAMSAT March 2017 sitting will be held on Saturday 24th March 2018. The GAMSAT September 2018 sitting will be advised in early 2018.

Note that GAMSAT is available in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, Townsville, and Sydney. GAMSAT sittings are also available in major cities in New Zealand, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Find out more about testing centres.

The process of applying for admission to the graduate-entry programs is separate from the process of registering to sit GAMSAT. GEMSAS will process applications for admission to graduate-entry medicine at the GAMSAT Consortium Medical Schools and for the University of Melbourne Dentistry and Optometry programs.


Purpose of GAMSAT.

The Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT) is developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) in conjunction with the Consortium of Graduate Medical Schools to assist in the selection of students to participate in the graduate-entry programs in Australia, Ireland and the UK. It is designed to assess the capacity to undertake high-level intellectual studies in the medical and health professional programs.

The purpose of GAMSAT is to assess the ability to understand and analyse material, to think critically about issues and, in the case of the Written Communication section, to organise and express thoughts in a logical and effective way. GAMSAT questions are based on material drawn from a variety of sources. They typically require candidates to read and think about a passage of writing, to interpret graphical displays of information, to use mathematical relationships and to apply reasoning skills to tables of data.

Since problem-based learning techniques are central to modern medical curricula, GAMSAT is constructed with a major focus on the assessment of problem solving ability across a wide range of subject areas.


Why you aren’t part of GAMSAT preparation with the METC Institute.

  1. I’m unsure of your credibility
  2. It’s too expensive
  3. It’s too late to commence
  4. I don’t have a science background
  5. I’m not sure if my GPA is good enough
  6. I’m too old
  7. I can’t commit
  8. I haven’t studied in a long time
  9. I’m too busy
  10. I don’t know if I am smart enough

I am unsure if your courses will get me into medicine.

If you are a student who approaches their studies with vigour, and is willing to work hard to achieve your goals then we have good news – you are a great match for our preparation services. Committed students who diligently complete a study program with the METC Institute almost invariably go on to enter medicine. Sometimes this occurs in the first attempt, and other times on a further attempt. In 2016-2017, students who completed a GAMSAT preparation course or program with the METC Institute averaged an increase of 23 percentile points. In other words, if you complete a METC Institute GAMSAT preparation course, you will out-perform 2,000-2,500 more people in the exam then you otherwise would have.

Of course, sometimes students work very hard and still miss out on a place in medicine – it is a competitive endeavour. In these cases, we continue to work with students to help them improve, and to realise their goal of entering medicine.

I am still unsure if your courses will help me get into medicine.

Under each of our courses, read through some of the personal stories and feedback we have received from past and present students. Where available, these can be accessed via the testimonials tab.

It is too expensive to enrol in a GAMSAT course/program with the METC Institute.

The key to choosing a GAMSAT preparation course or program is to tailor your enrolment to suit your requirements. Once you understand what it is you need, the next step is to choose a quality, comprehensive service. This is what the METC Institute provides.

The METC Institute offers intensive, detailed, and comprehensive one-stop resources. Once enrolled in the correct course or program, students will not require any further materials to prepare. Moreover, all student progress is tracked and support is always available.

In addition to quality, our GAMSAT courses and program aim to save you time in both the short-term, and the long-term. METC Institute GAMSAT preparation services deliver time savings while you study by teaching you both what to study, and how to study it. In the long-term, we save you time and effort by helping you achieve your best score faster.

Finally, it is important to consider the cost of enrolling in the wrong preparation course. For instance, delaying your progression into medicine by a year or two subsequently delays your entry into the medical profession with a resultant downstream impact of hundreds-of-thousands of dollars of lost earnings. In this context, even the most comprehensive preparation programs like the High Achiever Program (course fee $5,997) seems a modest investment.

It is too late to start a GAMSAT course or program with the METC Institute.

Any course and any program can be started at anytime of the year.

Even if GAMSAT is tomorrow. Regardless of the course or program you enrol in, you will not be disadvantaged by enrolling in the course at any specific time. All enrollments are provided with the same resources, and in some cases (such as the High Achiever Program) the study plan is tailor made for you. Even live attendance events are video recorded so that you never miss a learning opportunity.

When it comes to starting to prepare for GAMSAT, there are only two rules:
1. Start as early as possible i.e. start today
2. Work every day, even if it is only a small amount

Many students get concerned about trying to fit everything in before the next GAMSAT sitting, however this is contrary to the logical approach of recognising what you need to learn/improve on (your study plan) and going about completing this work. The next GAMSAT may fall before you complete your study plan, but that is fine. You may not be completely prepared, but you will be in a solid position to attempt the exam. The alternative is to attempt an achievable yet diluted study plan from the onset – in our experience this is rarely a good idea.

I don’t have a science background, therefore I cannot enrol in a METC Institute GAMSAT course.

All METC Institute courses – whether science-related or otherwise – assume no prior knowledge. All students need to do is enrol, and commence working through the course materials. In addition, students from non-science backgrounds are not at a significant disadvantage. GAMSAT requires students possess a deep understanding of fundamental science concepts. These concepts can be learned by anyone, and then it is only a matter of practice. The METC Institute has successfully assisted students with entry into medicine from such diverse backgrounds as theatre studies, journalism, and marketing.

My GPA is too low, or I don’t know if my GPA will be competitive.

Provided you have a GPA of above 5.0 (on a 7.0 scale), you are eligible to enter all Australian post-graduate medical schools. However, there are implications for how universities use your GPA.

Some universities use the GPA criteria as a hurdle: if you have a GPA > 5/7, you are eligible and the actual magnitude of your GPA from this point is irrelevant. For example, if you have a GPA of 5.2 and your friend has a GPA of 6.9, such schools would see you both as equal. Currently, schools that use this method are the University of Queensland, and the University of Sydney.

All other universities consider the magnitude of your GPA. They do this in combination with your GAMSAT score when making offers. Though the actual formula may vary, a common way to consider this is as follows – say you have a GPA of 6.5, and your friend has a GPA of 6.0. If you both achieve a GAMSAT score of 70, your combined scores will be calculated according to the following:

  • Your score = ((6.5/7) x 100) + GAMSAT score = 162.85
  • Your friend’s score = ((6/7) x 100) + GAMSAT score = 155.71

It is these combined scores that are used to rank candidates for interview. In general, to be competitive you should be aiming for a combined score above 155.

Given the calculations above, it is also worth considering which type of school favours your GPA. In general, we suggest that those with a GPA in the range of 5.0-6.0 aim for schools that use the GPA criteria as a hurdle. Those with a GPA of > 6.0 will be more competitive in the schools which rank GPA, and in these cases the higher your GPA, the greater your combined score and with it the chance of an interview. It must be stressed however that those with a GPA < 6.0 are still capable of being competitive at a school which ranks GPA, especially where other criteria such as portfolios are involved.

I am too old to study medicine.

The average age of the Australian medical student lies between 24-27 years of age depending on the school. However, this is just an average. There are many students in their thirties, fourties, and even later. Thus, it really is never too late to follow a career in medicine.

I can’t commit to studying.

Courses can be scaled up to packages and programs. You can enrol in a single course which covers any or all of Sections I, II, and III, and once you are done with this, you have the option to complete a further course or upgrade to a package or program. This way, you can manage your study commitments without foregoing future opportunities to build on your preparation.

I haven’t studied in many years.

The METC Institute is aware that this is often true, and so teaches candidates how to study along with what to study. Tutors and administrative staff can assist those without recent study experience in structuring their study program along with how to get back into studying from a long absence.

I am too busy to study for GAMSAT.

Do you have four hours per week? If so, you have time to study for GAMSAT. Any of our GAMSAT courses can be completed with minimal impingement on your current work, study, or lifestyle commitments. Additionally, all our courses and programs can be commenced at any time, and completed online from anywhere in the world. Even the most intensive programs such as the Platinum or High Achiever Programs have been completed by students studying or working full-time. On average, previously committed students have been able to complete these programs within 6 months while maintaining other full-time commitments.

I don’t know if I am smart enough to score well in GAMSAT.

Most people have the capacity to perform in GAMSAT and in a medical degree. The challenge for most lies in developing the necessary competencies for success, and then applying these competencies in the performance that is GAMSAT. If you have completed an undergraduate degree with a GPA of > 5.0, you can achieve a competitive score in GAMSAT and enter medicine. From this point, it is a matter of working hard to build proficiency in the domains of GAMSAT and applying your skills in the exam.

I still have so many questions.

Contact us and we can arrange a discussion to assist you with your pathway into medicine.