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Learn more about the most comprehensive GAMSAT preparation program on the market. The METC Institute’s High Achiever Program.

METC Institute GAMSAT Preparation.

The METC Institute provides industry-leading GAMSAT preparation courses to Australian, and international students. METC Institute GAMSAT courses emphasise thorough knowledge and understanding of humanities, essay writing, and the sciences along with strategies and practice applying this knowledge.

Much like post-graduate Medicine, courses are delivered via multiple media. Depending on your program of choice, courses comprise interactive online modules and exams, live and recorded lectures, and personal tuition. Students can choose between stand-alone courses, or packages & programs which aggregate multiple courses.



‘A great day. Very very useful, learnt heaps of really really constructive things and I now feel much more prepared for my interviews. There is still definitely lots of work to do, but now I know exactly what I should be practicing. Matt was great, really approachable and helpful.’

GAMSAT Live Interview Course

‘Very helpful to do both interviewing and being the interviewer. Well thought out course with great resources and very nice location :)’

GAMSAT Live Interview Course

‘Amazing practice interviews which helped a lot with understanding how to address practice scenarios and questions in the real interview.’

GAMSAT Live Interview Course

‘I just wish to say thank you to the speakers at the Melbourne course this year, they provided me with invaluable feedback and information which helped me get offered a place for medicine in 2018.’

GAMSAT Live Interview Course
Kane Harvey (Deakin University MBBS student)

‘10/10 for money well spent. The combination of the online learning package with the practical component was a great help for me in my actual interview. I was able to practice with peers and receive constructive that I blended into my preparation. I went into my interview with confidence and received my 1st preference. Professional and knowledgeable, would highly recommend. Thank you Mat Hinksman and the METC Institute team.’

GAMSAT Live Interview Course
Douglas Brazil (University of Notre Dame MD student)

GAMSAT Preparation

Improve your GAMSAT score by 23 percentile points.

Students enrol in GAMSAT preparation courses to learn the knowledge required to perform in GAMSAT, and to develop their ability to apply that knowledge in the context of complex application of critical thinking.


GAMSAT preparation score curveMETC Institute GAMSAT preparation courses enable the development of intuitive understanding of the concepts required to excel in all sections of GAMSAT and additionally, emphasise critical-thinking and a focus on application of knowledge.

On average, students who completed a METC Institute GAMSAT course and sat GAMSAT demonstrated the following improvements:

Section 1: Score improvement of 21 percentile points
Section 2: Score improvement of 24 percentile points
Section 3: Score improvement of 22 percentile points

This means that students who commenced a METC Institute preparation course with a 55 were on average able to improve to a 60, and those with a 60 were able to improve to 65+.

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