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Need some extra assistance preparing for GAMSAT?

The METC Institute team has put together a series of FREE informative webinars to assist those attempting GAMSAT with their preparation. This series includes three separate webinars that focus on strategies to prepare for Section 1, Section II and Section III of GAMSAT.

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Free GAMSAT Resources

The team at the METC Institute have also put together some written resources to assist you with your GAMSAT preparation. Simply click on any of the links below to view these resources.

Please note that while most of the materials have been created by the METC Institute, however others are from other sources as listed.


Additionally, the ACER and GEMSAS guides are essential reading for any candidate preparing for the exam and for admission into an Australian post-graduate medical school.

ACER GAMSAT 2021 Information Booklet
GEMSAS 2021 Admissions Guide

GAMSAT Material - Formulas sheet

Also essential to all students, this GAMSAT formulas sheet lists all of the formulas, mathematics, and techniques students need for the exam.

GAMSAT Formulas & Mathematics

GAMSAT Material - Research

Generally, the primary study listed provides insight into the demographics, academic backgrounds, and performance of the candidates sitting the GAMSAT.

GAMSAT – A 10-year retrospective overview

GAMSAT Material - Study assistance

Additionally, learn how to study more efficiently through understanding the cone of learning and the Feynman technique. Students should understand and apply both of these concepts/techniques in their GAMSAT study.

Cone of Learning
The Feynman Technique

Other resources & links

Additionally, below are resources we believe are useful for students in their exam preparation.

A3 Periodic tables: Standard & electron shells