The METC Institute is an international organisation proudly founded in Australia and operated by specialist medical practitioners.  The METC Institute currently provides high quality medical educational products and services in Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Our products and materials are carefully prepared and reviewed by expert specialist medical practitioners who in addition to their clinical duties are also heavily involved in undergraduate and postgraduate medical education and training on a daily basis through appointments with major Universities and Specialty Colleges.

The METC Institute provides medical education and training for current and future medical professionals ranging from admission to medical school through to continuing professional development for specialist medical practitioners.


Our Mission

The Vision and Mission of the METC Institute is to improve the quality of health care in the World through the provision of comprehensive, high quality and affordable educational products and services for current and future medical professionals.


Our Promise to You

We promise to deliver the best and highest quality medical educational products and services that will equip you with the knowledge and skills required for you to progress in your medical career.

Our materials and courses are constantly updated with the latest in research and evidence-based medicine and are carefully prepared by our expert, specialist medical practitioners and senior lecturers.

At the METC Institute, we will uphold this promise of quality by ensuring:

  • All materials for our courses are designed and approved by Specialist Doctors (Physicians / Surgeons) who are also Senior Lecturers, Associate Professors or Professors, of Schools of Medicine in premier Universities, AND
  • Our courses are delivered only by experts with minimum accreditation standards.


Our Values


The value of Excellence is embedded in the philosophy of the METC Institute.  It is a core value in all aspects and at all levels of the organisation and is reflected in the quality of our products and the standard of service delivery.


Success is a core value at METC Institute and in our profession, measured by the maintenance of clinical excellence and the admiration, respect and trust of our patients, peers and colleagues.  Success in medicine requires dedication, perseverance and commitment to continuing professional and personal development.


We value integrity in our profession and in our organisation.  At the METC Institute, we guarantee to deliver on what we promise.


At the METC Institute we value courage in the face of adversity.  As medical practitioners, we understand the trials and tribulations faced by our colleagues at all stages of their career.  We respect the courage taken and the sacrifices made in a profession that ultimately serves others for the benefit of mankind.


In medicine, our career is our passion.  As doctors, we work to serve others and we strive to learn and to develop our knowledge throughout our careers.  Our passion at the METC Institute is to teach and to help our colleagues become better doctors in order to continue to serve our community in the best possible manner.