In collaboration with Canvas LMS, the METC Institute is excited to commence use of a novel learning system.

The new student portal reflects the METC Institute value of continuous improvement by providing all current and future students with a platform that is intuitive, functional, and facilitative of education.

The new student learning system provides a learning foundation for those at all stages of their medical career and includes:

  • Easy to use, customisable interface for each student
  • Student specific notifications for tasks and marking
  • Tracking of student progress and achievements
  • Web conferencing
  • Improved mobility with full support for mobile and tablet devices
  • Support for all web browsers without requirement for installation
  • Full media integration and embedding of lecture audio and video
  • Calendar integration for events and tasks
  • Cloud storage of all student files, feedback reports, and examinations

If you would like a trial login to our new learning platform with access to your course of interest, please Contact us.