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Medical Education and Training Courses

The METC Institute provides Medical Education and Training Courses for current and future health professionals.

Our range of courses include undergraduate graduate admissions preparation such as GAMSAT preparation, through to continuing professional development (CPD) for specialist practitioners

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‘A great day. Very very useful, learnt heaps of really really constructive things and I now feel much more prepared for my interviews. There is still definitely lots of work to do, but now I know exactly what I should be practicing. Matt was great, really approachable and helpful.’

GAMSAT Live Interview Course

‘Very helpful to do both interviewing and being the interviewer. Well thought out course with great resources and very nice location :)’

GAMSAT Live Interview Course

‘Amazing practice interviews which helped a lot with understanding how to address practice scenarios and questions in the real interview.’

GAMSAT Live Interview Course

‘I just wish to say thank you to the speakers at the Melbourne course this year, they provided me with invaluable feedback and information which helped me get offered a place for medicine in 2018.’

GAMSAT Live Interview Course
Kane Harvey (Deakin University MBBS student)

‘10/10 for money well spent. The combination of the online learning package with the practical component was a great help for me in my actual interview. I was able to practice with peers and receive constructive that I blended into my preparation. I went into my interview with confidence and received my 1st preference. Professional and knowledgeable, would highly recommend. Thank you Mat Hinksman and the METC Institute team.’

GAMSAT Live Interview Course
Douglas Brazil (University of Notre Dame MD student)

Innovative Learning

Our customised Online Learning Management System in collaboration with Canvas provides students with the best online learning experience. The system is intuitive, functional and facilitative of education.

The student learning system provides a learning foundation for those at all stages of their medical career and includes:

  • Easy to use, customisable interface for each student
  • Student specific notifications for tasks and marking
  • Tracking of student progress and achievements
  • Improved mobility with full support for mobile and tablet devices
  • Support for all web browsers without requirements for installation
  • Cloud storage for all student files, feedback reports and examinations